Friday, September 9, 2011

a well loved dress

Last Sunday Ruthie wore one of the dresses that my mom made for my sister when she was a baby. She made a larger size for me which will fit Lael perfectly once I fix the hem. I can't wait to put them in these dresses together! Here is a picture of Lael wearing it. Seems like just yesterday...


I'm starting to think that Ruthie favors my baby pictures more than Lael did.
Whatcha think?

Kelli as a baby-27

And here's Ruthie wearing the "sweetheart" bloomers that my Aunt Nancy made for Lael.
Her bottom looks just as sweet in them. :)


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  1. Sweetest bloomers ever. And y'all look so much alike!

  2. My mom said "she looks just Kelli did when she was a baby!" Before she saw the picture of you! Such sweet little girls!!


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