Wednesday, October 26, 2011

you know it's fall when...

the fair comes to town!

The past two years prior to this one I have been expecting. In 2009 I was quite ripe and in 2010 I actually had no idea I was even pregnant... I love to look at last year's picture and laugh at how absolutely clueless I was. If you look back at that post please note my long list of indulgences... unbeknownst to me I was obviously already eating for two!


An added bonus this year was being with the Ryan's!




You can always count on Aunt Jess for a impromptu science lesson :)


Check out last year's picture just like this one... same place, different bunny.


Lael LOVED the rides, but a note about taking an almost two year old to the fair: Understanding of how rides work is limited. The ride WILL end, and you MUST get off. Meltdowns will most likely occur. Thankfully, Ruthie couldn't have cared less about basically everything we did which was pretty nice. :)

fair8 fair6

This girl begged to go on the boat, and her daddy, being the great daddy that he is, and with an iron stomach I might add, took her on it.


I braved the bumble bee.


The carousel was the biggest hit by far...


especially when you have a handsome prince to ride it with.



Can't wait until next year!
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  1. Girl you truly do have such a cutie pie family.
    It looks like you guys had a blast at the fair :)

    The girls are both getting so big. Its been a while since I've commented but they are just as cute as ever.

  2. love all of these pictures! two adorable families!!! was this fair in greenville? or was this the one in columbia? looks like so much fun!

  3. Thanks, Melissa! Can you believe our babies are getting so big?!

    Heather, this was the SC state fair in Columbia! Been going since I was a kid!


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