Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween evening we went to our neighborhood block party with Julianne, the ladybug...


her little brother, the caterpillar, Kathryn and Mark.

These two boo-boos were just lil' pumpkin seeds this time last year!


Notice Lael is NOT wearing her "hat". As if I needed to point that out. That thing is like having a second pet in our house. It was a no go for the actual trick-or-treating per Lael's defiance request. We had to settle with the big white bow.

Aunt Meg stopped by to see us off! :)


Me with my mom on Halloween, 1985

Kelli age 2-94

The Annie dress was made by my aunt and was worn first by my older cousin, then me, and then Megan. It's in great condition, and it thrilled me to be able to put my girl in it.

halloween3 halloween5

halloween4Font size

If you didn't catch Lael in her costume last year, you can see it here.

I can hardly believe November is here. This is Lael's birthday month, and of course that brings so many bittersweet emotions for me. More sweet than bitter, of course. I'm just not ready for my baby to not be, well... a baby. More on that later.
Hope you all made lots of Happy Halloween memories with your family!
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