Monday, November 21, 2011

here we go!

Last Christmas I was already thinking about this Christmas, and couldn't wait to pick out Lael's first play kitchen!
My good friend, Holly, introduced me to do-it-yourself play kitchens on Pinterest about a month ago. I was pretty much salivating over the pictures I found, but was intimidated by such a project and worried that I couldn't get it done in time for the big day. I checked out a bunch of wooden, manufactured play kitchens but just kept going back to the idea of putting one together myself with all of the sweet, personal touches. If you haven't noticed by now from reading my blog, I'm just a bit sentimental. Okay... I'm a little over the top sentimental. :)
So, I decided I would take the plunge and commit to the idea.

I've browsed and browsed and browsed some more, and I've collected lots of ideas from lots of different sources. No two kitchens are alike because most of the ones that I've found are made out of an old piece of furniture! Genius, I tell you! Here are some of my favorites just to give you an idea of what the end goal is...






I spent basically an entire Saturday out looking at local second hand stores and antique stores, and couldn't find anything that struck me. I wanted to use a good, solid piece of furniture that would hold up and look nice and substantial. Finally, after Trey's suggestion that we go to a few more places a couple of Sundays ago after church, we came across a tiny little hole in the wall antique shop. I went in to scope it out first. I knew as soon as I saw it that this was the one...


I didn't know exactly what it was, but I knew what it was going to become!

It was originally priced at $100, but we were able to get the shop owner down to $60!
Come to find out, it was a handmade piece that was used as a secretary. Trey and I poked and prodded and brainstormed exactly what parts would be what and how we would dismantle it and put it back together to get our desired result. I really wanted something that had all of the wood parts that we needed. The thought of going out to Home Depot and buying wood, measuring it and cutting it just really stressed me out, so it helped ease my timid mind to know that all of the major structure was right here... just waiting to be rearranged.

Please know that Trey and I have absolutely no idea what we're doing.
I like to believe that my husband can pretty much fix anything, but he's no carpenter. :)
Thankfully, he knows a whole heck of a lot more than I do about drills, saws, nails, and hammers.
Nevertheless, we are both determined to make an ultra fabulous Christmas present for our girl and along the way spend some quality spouse time together in our little basement workshop. Or as he likes to call it, "The man cave". We love spending time together doing a project!


So please follow along as we create our one-of-a-kind play kitchen for Lael, and Ruthie, too!

Here we go!!

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  1. Cute! My dad is helping us make one out of an old entertainment center too for my Averly's Christmas present! I can't wait to see how y'alls turns out!

  2. I've been drooling over these too! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!

  3. Kelly, I don't know if you remember me -- I'm a friend of Trey's from camp. I've been following your blog and love all of your pictures. I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out! You found such a great piece of furniture to start with. Our daughter will be 2 in February, and I'm thinking of making her a kitchen for her birthday. I'm hoping to pick up some ideas from you!


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