Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a fun run and then some

Saturday night we participated in the Santa Fun Run here in Greenville with the Miller family. It was a 5 miler, and I actually surprised myself and ran a good bit of it.
Ahem... um, I haven't gone running since Lael was RUTHIE's age.
I think my body thought I was trying to birth another baby.


The run was complete with lights and music as we ran through Cleveland Park, and Lael and Julianne enjoyed saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone we saw. :)


Please do notice the fabulous time we made.


I bribed Lael with an eggnog covered almond to get her to pose for some pictures with her sister.


I am filled with joy as I prepare for Christmas with both of them this year.
They are all the Christmas present I could ever want.
No car, no house, no jewelry, no kitchen appliance, handbag, electronic or vacation could ever come close to the blessing that they are to me.
Children cost money. They consume, they use, they need, and they want. Thus, as parents, we make sacrifices.


And sacrifice I will,
for I know full well how greatly undeserving I am.

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