Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a little reunion

I was once a cheerleader... back in the glory days. Oh, to be that limber again. I could do a mean middle split, and a pretty mediocre toe touch. I could throw girls high up into the air and catch them without much effort.
But you could have promised me a thousand dollars to do a back hand spring, and well, it just wasn't gonna happen. I always blamed my parents for not getting me into gymnastics at a very young age, but really, I'm convinced that it just wasn't in my genes. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. :)
Anyways, two of my friends from my middle/high school glory days came over the other day and brought their precious little girls for a play date! Lael was pretty much in baby heaven and took much joy in watching over each baby and making them smile.

Ellie, Brooke's baby is on the left, and Hannah, Katie's baby is on the right.


Lael wanted me to take her picture with all three babies... she made sure that she included each one by encircling them with her arms.




What a fun reunion! Thanks for playing, friends!

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