Wednesday, February 8, 2012

these three

I love these three. They truly rock my world.
Sometimes when I'm watching them together-- together just being, him clipping the bow back into her hair or him slipping the shoe back onto her foot, I think about how things could have been different. How we could have married other people, and how these three right here could be not.


My mind usually doesn't travel very far down that road.
Not because it shouldn't or because it's forbidden, but because that road-- it just... wasn't.
Detour, dead end. Whatever you want to call it.

Isn't it incredibly mind blowing to think about how paths cross?
How a young man's look in a young lady's direction, or a simple smile or wink can cause a rift in the waters of fate and slowly but surely a tidal wave of events comes crashing down and before you know it there are actual new people created as a result.
New people who will cross the paths of other new people and create new waves. And how God has control of every single bit of it, and how it is all to bring Him glory.
It hurts my head to think about how He intertwines our lives.


Lael-- a lot Kelli, a little bit Trey. I always thought this hazel eyed, dark headed, olive skinned babe looked a little funny in the arms of her daddy. No question though that their bond is tightly woven-- the father/daughter love that I had always dreamed my husband would have with my baby girl. She holds his love and affection in the very palm of her hand, and there is no one on the earth, not even me, who can fulfill her need to be cherished, adored and secured like he can.


The father of my daughters-- he was made for just that.


Ruthie-- always simply along for the ride. The typical second child. Usually has to take a back seat to her big sister, but always does it with a smile. Will sit in any lap that will have her.
She has eyes for her daddy and she has her daddy's eyes.
Trey couldn't be happier that his second daughter has ended up blue.





I couldn't be happier that when I look into them I can see him.

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