Thursday, June 7, 2012

if I could put you in a bottle

If I could put you in a bottle, your contagious laugh and grin,
I'd bring you out and put you back and bring you out again. 

 One day when you're all grown up, no longer very small,
I'll bring you out like a little genie to do your tricks and all.

You'll giggle like you used to do and we'll snuggle for a while,
I'll kiss your face, hold you close and you'll look at me and smile.

I'll touch your nose and tickle your toes and smell your baby hair,
your dad will come and snatch you away and throw you in the air!

You'll run too fast and take a fall and then of course you'll cry,
I'll scoop you up and wipe your tears and sing a lullabye.

And all at once you'll need to go and I'll have to understand,
I'll kiss your little baby lips and hold your baby hand.

Into the bottle, back you go, just like a genie does,
What fun I had remembering exactly how it was.

If I could put you in a bottle, how wonderful it would be,
I'd bring you out anytime I want as a reminder just for me. 

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