Monday, October 8, 2012

the big sis and other "stuff"

I don't think I've completely wrapped my head around the fact that the baby of the family will soon be the big sister.  In my mind she is still such a baby, but when Lael was this age I saw her as such a big girl.  So funny how your perspective changes as each child comes along.

Miscellaneous "stuff":

1. We're happy to now be a little over 14 weeks along.  My children are glad, too.  Whoooo boy... was I sick.  This pregnancy I think was the worst in that department, but at the end of my rope when I was about 8 weeks along I decided to finally try the Phenergan that was prescribed to me by my OB.
People... this drug is a modern day miracle.  I'm so mad now that I didn't take it when I was pregnant with Lael and Ruthie.  The catch is that is makes you sleepy.  BUT, if you take it at about 9 pm then it will make you sleepy while you're sleeping.  Perfect!!  It helps me get through the night and even lasts through the whole next day so much that my food aversions are gone, my appetite is back in full force, the constant car sick feeling I was having is gone and I can actually brush my teeth without losing my breakfast.  THAT in and of itself is something to celebrate.  Sometimes I still have that uneasy feeling, but on the whole, I'm like a different woman.  Just ask my husband.

2.  You can see Lael wearing this same onesie here as the "big sis" when we were expecting Ruthie.

Photobucket   Photobucket

3. This baby is yet another answered prayer.  We had prayed intentionally and specifically together in July that the Lord would give us another baby that month, and in His mercy, He did.  We are so thrilled that Ruthie will have another sibling so close to her in age. These two will be 21 months apart.


4. I'm so happy to say that I got to tell my Daddy the good news before he passed away. What a blessing it was to be able to share that with him and to see his excitement over this new life.  It was the weekend right after we found out and also when we got the news of the newest terrible diagnosis. The first thing he said when I told him I was expecting, after of course, "congratulations" was, "Well, where are you gonna put her? In the laundry room?" I think it's so funny that he automatically assumed that this baby is a girl and then was already thinking about where everyone was going to sleep.  And for the record, we DO have a room for this baby.  It won't be in the laundry room. :)

Photobucket   Photobucket

5. I experience a moment of sheer panic pretty much everyday when I think about having three children ages three and under.  And then I wonder, "Are we CUH-RAZY?!"  To which, many of you might be thinking, "YES!!!" 
BUT, we are just so thankful to have them.  
So thankful that they have been entrusted to us by a loving God who has heard our prayers and fulfilled one of deepest desires. 
To be parents. 
Not once. Not twice. But three times.
To God be the glory, great things He has done.

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  1. such a sweet post and RIP to your dad!
    i am sure you will handle 3 kids with your left hand! hope you pregnancy isn't THIS stressfull and you truely get to sleep a lot and can rest when ever you want to...
    just be happy so your baby is too!
    love hannah

  2. You will be a great mother and I'm sure your husband will be a great father to this baby just as you were to your other 2.

    So sorry to hear about your dad, but praise Him for that answered prayer of a new life! Yay!


  3. so very happy for you! there's nothing better than so many sweet babies!

  4. so exciting! congrats again. glad you're feeling better. i was very sick with my first, and now w/ my second as well. being pregnant is no joke on what it does to your body :)

  5. So exciting! I'm sure it will be difficult, but how fun to have siblings so close in age! My older brother and I are 14 months apart, and it was so fun having someone to experience the same things with, at the same time. :) My girls are a little over two years apart, and I'd love for the next one (Lord willing) to be close in age as well. :)

  6. What a wonderful gift, to be able to share with your Father the coming of a new grandchild before he moved in with The Father. Amazing how God works in our lives.

    My first 2 children are 23 months apart in age. Our third child is 2.5 years younger than our second, and then 20 months later we had our fourth. :) HE was a surprise, but a welcome surprise. Three years later we added number 5, who is now 4 years old, and number 6 JUST celebrated her first birthday in September.

    Congratulations on your newest blessing!


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