Thursday, June 20, 2013

bits and pieces of us

 photo saysay.jpg

 photo saysay2.jpg

 photo saysay3.jpg

 photo saysaygirls1.jpg

 photo saysaygirls2.jpg

 photo saysaygirls3.jpg

 photo saysaygirls5.jpg

 photo saysaygirls4.jpg
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Monday, June 10, 2013

ripe for the pickin'

 photo strawberries11.jpg

 photo strawberries7.jpg

 photo strawberries9.jpg

 photo strawberries4.jpg

 photo strawberries5.jpg

 photo strawberries10.jpg

 photo strawberries8.jpg

 photo strawberries6.jpg

 photo strawberries2.jpg

 photo strawberries3.jpg

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

throwback thursday- easter 2013

I currently feel like I can't catch my breath in the photo department. I try to go through the gobs of pictures I have sitting on my computer a little at a time and never feel like I can make a dent in them.
But the good news is I'm getting really close to posting current day pictures!

Today I'm participating in Throwback Thursday and taking you back to Easter. It was six days after Salem was born and we had just been discharged from the hospital for the second time due to her high bilirubin levels. Trey took the big girls to church and came straight to the hospital to pick us up just in time for Easter dinner at our house thanks to my fabulous mom and sister. I was absolutely exhausted but so thankful to be home.
I participated in approximately zero of the pictures. 
You should thank me. 
I looked like a zombie.

But the rest of my family sure did look cute.

 photo easter2.jpg

 photo easter3.jpg

 photo easter14.jpg

 photo easter5.jpg

 photo easter10.jpg

 photo easter4.jpg

 photo easter11.jpg

Might be one of my fave Easter pics. 
I couldn't help but post this little gem.

 photo easter12.jpg
 photo easter.jpg

 photo easter16.jpg

 photo easter15.jpg

 photo easter2-1.jpg

 photo easter7.jpg

 photo easter6.jpg

 photo easter8.jpg

 photo easter9.jpg

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