Monday, July 15, 2013


Not a whole lotta free time these days to just sit and write, and honestly, I've felt lately like I don't have much of anything to say that would be interesting or thought provoking. I sit down to try to write a blog post, you know, one with more than just gobs of pictures of my kids, and my mind just goes blah, like I've already hit my word quota for the day. I'm pretty sure I talk more during any given day now than I ever did in high school or college. Actually, I'm confident about that. Mind you, much of the stuff I say requires absolutely zero imagination and only utters my lips in an effort to keep someone from tee-teeing on the couch or doing something that might land us in the hospital for the night.
Then there are some moments that pop up like an unexpected root in the ground, one that kind of trips you up, and I realize that the words that I'm about to speak actually mean something to my children, that they are waiting on me to say the right thing and that pivotal moment might be molding them into who they're meant to be...
And five seconds later I'm asking Lael to please stop slicking Salem's hair back with her spit.
I'm living in a constant state of doing laundry, feeding mouths, picking things up off the floor and more picking things up off the floor. Trey will come home from work and ask how my day was and what I did. I tell him I've been cleaning up all day. And picking things up off the floor. And there are still things on the floor. And then I pick something up off the floor. This is my life.

 photo salembeauty2.jpg

Now, before I go and sound all "Debbie Downer" I do have to say that God has so graciously given me a joy in doing these mundane tasks. Nah, a lot of it really isn't that much fun and I'm not happy about constantly having to pick things up off the floor, but deep down in the dirty soil (and oh, it's dirty) of my mothering job, there is a joy and a love for what I have been called to.

 photo salembeauty3.jpg

People are always asking me how it is to have three children and what the transition was like from two to three. I ask this of other women, too but mine is now about going from three to four. 
I'm being completely honest when I say that it really isn't all that different to have three. So, if you have two right now, go ahead, take the plunge, go for the third!!
Going from one to two kinda rocked me. Like, whoa, I don't really get a break anymore, rocked me. Like, these people have kinda taken over my whole life, rocked me. Like, someone get me a drink(!), rocked me. Two kids is full. time. Somebody always needed something to eat, someone had always just pooped, chances were that at least one of them was whining or crying and the laundry started to be fo realz. Messes got made REAL fast and picking things up off the floor (there it is again) was no joke. So, to sum it up, my day completely revolved around caring for my offspring, and not that it wasn't that way with just one, but with two things just get a little cray cray.

 photo salembeauty1.jpg

Enter child numero tres. I was so sure that this one was just gonna be that completely chill, go with the flow, relaxed third child. Negative. She is a high maintenance kind of girl. Of the three of them I think she has cried the most, but the funny thing is I've probably dealt with it better than I ever have. Maybe it's because in the back of my mind I know now that this season is so short, that I can only do what I can do and that she isn't going to die from crying. I just haven't been able to come to her rescue as easily as I was able the first and second time and sometimes she has to wait her turn even when she's screaming her head off and thinks she's about to starve to death. Speaking of, sometimes I wonder why in the world an infant's cry has to be so insanely maddening. Y'all, Salem can straight up scuh-ream, and I'm convinced that God made babies this way in order to keep the human race in existence because any mother will just about move heaven and earth to get a boob or a bottle in that baby's mouth to SHUT THEM UP.

 photo salembeauty4-1.jpg

She does look pretty darn angelic and I must admit that I'm such a sucker. There are many moments in my day when I think, "Why, child?!! What is wrong NOW?!" I go pick up that little ball of sugar, (I know, I know, sappy, sappy) she looks me in the eyes, gives me that big ol' gummy grin and I swear I feel like my heart skips a beat.
One might be inclined to think that the third baby gets no love. Quite the contrary. Salem gets loved on by her big sisters more than she probably likes sometimes and my bond with her has been just as sweet, just as tightly woven and just as special as it was with the other two. My nursing experience with her has been my best yet and I count it joy to be able to give of myself in this way for her benefit. There is nothing in the world like it.

 photo salembeauty5.jpg

Three little girls. I never could have imagined it. Never. We all could go on and on about how much we love our babies and what amazing miracles they are and how they are just the most beautiful beings we've ever laid our eyes on, but in all seriousness my mind is blown as I think of each of them in their beds at this very moment that I'm writing this. Three separate little people that Trey and I have created who we are responsible for. I still feel like I'm 21 years old. I'm still using the same hair brush that I bought in college and I'm pretty sure there are some socks in my drawer that I've had since high school. Yet, in my house right now exist three amazing miracles and they are the most beautiful beings I've ever laid my eyes on. Life's inertia is shocking and unbelievable and heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. These three children are making the pace of my life move quickly and it's all I can do to stop and breathe in the sweet mess that it is.
Speaking of mess...

I need to go pick one up off the floor.
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  1. ohhh girlfriend i am right there in the trenches with you. my little 2 week old is just like your little salem so far. he has cried the most and screams the loudest. i am holding out on this whole nursing business with 3 as my 17 month old poured dr pepper onto the video camera 3 days ago... did i mention he was standing on top of the kitchen table while doing so?? crAHZEY!!! wild children!!! just remember... the days are long but the years are short. thats what i remind myself when they do devilish things! haha

  2. your girls are so beautiful ...I love looking at their pictures. They grow SO fast...mine are 27, 24 and 20! Oh and if you are looking for something to write about, we'd love to see your house addition!

  3. i love the 2nd picture from the bottom. "who me!?" (: she's beautiful - seriously (as are the other 2) ... and more than you know, i always appreciate your honesty / vulnerability on here!

  4. I have six. Going from three to four was hardest for me (thought number 3 was a rough start due to complications with ME after his birth). They were the closer in age than my others, so I had two in diapers, and 4 had development delays and refused to walk or talk until he was almost 2. Didn't even sit up until he was 18 months. Oh it was rough. Five was fine, but I also had 3 years between four and five, so that made it easier, and my oldest by then was big enough to help with the picking up. Six, and our second girl, came along 3 years after 5, just after I found your blog :) She'll be 2 in September. Super spoiled, but by far the easiest because she has lots of older siblings (our oldest is now 14) who helps us with household chores. This fall we'll have 5 out of six going to school :)

  5. Great post! Your family is so beautiful! I have two right now, but am thinking about #3, and I have the same pattern of thought that you do. When I only had one, I was thinking of going from one to two, now I'm thinking of going from two to three, and will probably think of three to four after that! Sometimes I feel like I'm already fretting over a third child that doesn't even exist yet! ;) Love your blog, and it looks like you're doing a wonderful job with your babies. :)

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