Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ruthie girl's second birthday

Ruthie's second birthday "splash bash" was a blast! So many of her sweet little friends joined us for an afternoon of water fun in our driveway, and the weather could not have been more perfect. The party was complete with three pools, a sand table, water guns, water balloons, a sprinkler and bubbles! Oh, and WATER! Really, what else does a toddler need?!

I planned it for a Friday afternoon, which just so happened to be her actual birthday, and I've found that this is a great time to host a party. Moms and kiddos are usually looking for something to do after naps on a Friday before Dad gets home and a party with snacks and cupcakes is always a crowd favorite. 

 photo 988a7b67-d375-4e38-a19c-f8440c493ad4.jpg

This little girl has brought us so much joy.

 photo ruthiesparty.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty28.jpg

The driveway was full of fun chaos everywhere you turned and I loved it!

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Trey is such a good sport. 
He agreed to let the kids cover him in shaving cream...

 photo ruthiesparty9.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty10.jpg

and then use water guns to squirt it off of him!

 photo ruthiesparty11.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty12.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty15.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty16.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty23.jpg

We were lucky enough to even have a few Daddies in attendance.

 photo ruthiesparty18.jpg

 photo ruthiesparty22.jpg

And Aunt Meg always lends a helping hand. I'm SO thankful for her.

 photo ruthiesparty27.jpg

Aunt Jess and the boys were able to make the trip up. And we posed for pictures with our babies. 
And our Bjorns. 
Because it isn't everyday that you get to wear your baby with your best friend.

 photo ruthiesparty29.jpg

TWO! It's far from terrible. It's TERRIFIC!!

 photo ruthiesparty2.jpg

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