What Bra Should You Wear During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot physically and emotionally. It is a perfect option for people to understand the importance of different clothes and lingerie during pregnancy. One of the visible signs that your body goes through that is the fuller size of breasts. Additionally, it is not that simple as it seems…

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ruthie girl’s second birthday

Ruthie’s second birthday “splash bash” was a blast! So many of her sweet little friends joined us for an afternoon of water fun in our driveway, and the weather could not have been more perfect. The party was complete with three pools, a sand table, water guns, water balloons, a sprinkler and bubbles! Oh, and…

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Not a whole lotta free time these days to just sit and write, and honestly, I’ve felt lately like I don’t have much of anything to say that would be interesting or thought provoking. I sit down to try to write a blog post, you know, one with more than just gobs of pictures of…

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These Are the Days

Oh, these days.  These ones that I’ve been pining for since January.  They are finally here again. The southern sunshine is like my therapy, and these wide open spaces make me breathe easier. The southern sunshine is like my therapy, and these wide open spaces make me breathe easier. And speaking of sunshine…

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a photo of fall

Tryin’ somethin’ new ’round here. Would love for you to join in the fun! I am hosting… …for those of you who are like me and are, well, a little too snappy happy. How it works: -Copy and paste my button with the link back to ForThisChildiPrayed.net at the beginning of your post. (Simply copy…

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a well loved dress: part II

Remember that “well loved dress” made by my mom when I was little? A few weeks ago Lael wore the larger matching one that was mine and Ruthie wore Megan’s to church. Could never put a price on seeing my girls in them. Megan and Kelli Megan Lael and Ruthie Be still, my heart.

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