Month: July 2010

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

With one glance, can you guess where this image came from?

Father of the Bride. Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, George Newbern, and Martin Short. I can not tell you how many times in my life I have watched this movie. I can probably quote the entire thing. This was the movie I based my wedding dreams on. This was the movie that I believed a wedding was supposed to be like.
My poor, poor parents.
Megan and I both did our Daddy/daughter dance to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra because of this movie.
When Trey and I became engaged he was clueless about all things wedding, and everything that comes with planning one. I demanded that he watch our beloved flick, and then…
he understood. He caught on real quick. I was proud.
Last Saturday my sister got the wedding of her dreams. And most importantly, she married the man of her dreams. By the way, she was gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.
There was a lot of love last weekend, people. Contagious, and almost exhausting. Wait. It was exhausting. Wonderfully exhausting.
Weddings are like a cold glass of ice tea (sweetened with Splenda, of course. Yes, I know it’s not good for you, but I like it.) on a hot summer’s day.
They are refreshing. They challenge me to take a step back and look at my own marriage, how I treat my husband, and the kind of wife that I am currently. Am I giving him the respect that I am called to give him? Am I patient with him? Am I thinking of serving him before I think about serving myself? Am I quick to forgive?
A lot of times the answer to these questions is “no”. Sigh. But, like I said, that’s what I like about weddings. Gives you time to really reflect on these things. You listen, pray, and with God’s (and only God’s) help you make changes. So thankful for His Grace. So very thankful.
Have you ever smelled a whiff of an old perfume you used to wear and it almost takes you back to the day you were wearing it and what you were doing? Oh, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Men’s cologne is the same way. There are guys I went to high school with who will forever be pegged as Coolwater, Polo, Calvin Klein, etc.
Weddings kind of have this effect. They take you back to the day when you were making those vows. They serve as a sweet reminder of the love that you share with your one and only.
Bryan and Megan are a testament to God’s faithfulness, and the power of prayer. Both sets of parents have been praying since day 1 for their child’s spouse, and on Saturday we witnessed first hand how God has blessed many people through the union of two of His children.
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The Difference a Year Can Make

My dear friend, Molly and I had matching bumps last summer. Our due dates were two weeks apart. I went late and she went early (lucky) so our girls ended up being 3 days apart.
As soon as we could Trey, Lael and I headed right back to where we had just come from to visit Lillian. I was so afraid that someone was going to stop us in the halls of the hospital and ask for some kind of verification that Lael was in fact, our baby.
The hospital has a lot of rules regarding newborn babies. All of them are good and they are for you and your baby’s safety, but they definitely kept me on my toes.
I was so scared I was going to get in trouble with the doctors or nurses for something I was doing wrong. Like I was just babysitting someone else’s baby and I was going to get reprimanded for not feeding her on time, not wrapping her up correctly, or holding her awkwardly. Even with the natural and instant bond you have with your infant, there is still a lack of confidence that lingers, making you question yourself and sweat the small stuff.
When the nurses first handed Lael over to me perfectly and tightly swaddled, all I wanted to do was unwrap her and look over every inch of her little body. I don’t know why. I just wanted to. So, I did. I took her hat off, too.
She started crying, and I thought, “Oh no, I’m going to get in trouble. I better wrap her back up!”
Then I thought, “Wait, this is my baby and I can do anything I want!”
It’s quite a phenomenon when you realize that. It takes a while for it to sink in.
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A Chicken Little Recipe

Chicken Little.

If you hang around our house long enough you will hear us call someone or some animal “Chicken Little”.

I call Benson “Chicken Little” and he knows that that’s what K-K calls him. He’ll tell you. It’s so funny to me that he calls Lael that now.
Jess had a picture out of Lael when she was tee tiny, and little 2 and a half year old Benson said,
“Hey, Mama. Is that baby Megan Lael?”
She said, “Yes, Benson, it is!”
He said, “Awwww. The lil’ chicken.”
I kid you not.
“Chicken Little”, “Little Chicken”, or just plain ‘ole “Chicken” will do. Don’t ask me to explain why we say it. When Lael was in utero we called her the “Kickin’ Chicken”, and lately “Sweet and Sour Chicken” would describe her pretty well. Her mood can shift like the wind.
Of course, when I had gone past my due date it was too perfect not to exclaim,
“This little chicken is fully cooked! She needs to come out of the oven!”
Yes, it’s a knee slapper, I know.
Corny, corny. I can’t help it though. I come from a family full of corny people, but hey, we laugh a lot!
Speaking of, does anyone remember the Chicken Little sandwich that KFC used to sell? Please tell me I’m not the only 80’s child out there who indulged in these little morsels of heaven. My mom used to occasionally drive through and buy one for me as a snack. Real healthy. Oh, but I loved them. It was a small chicken patty with mayonnaise on a small roll just perfect for little ‘ole me. They sold for 39 cents a pop.
Anywho, in honor of my beloved “Chicken Little” phrase, I wanted to share with you a baby food recipe that has become one of Lael’s faves.
It consists of:
1 cooked chicken breast
1 cooked sweet potato
and as much unsweetened applesauce as you please!
I would suggest cooking your sweet potato with a tablespoon of unsalted butter to add a little fat.
Cut the chicken breast and sweet potato into chunks, and then puree them and the applesauce together. Make sure to puree until you can only see tiny shreds of the chicken (chicken littles, if you will. heehee). You don’t want any big pieces of chicken quite yet if this is your baby’s first time eating meat. This is a great recipe for anyone who has already introduced their baby to the basic fruits and veggies. It gives your baby a variety of nutrients in one serving! Try it for yourself! You will find that it is delish!
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