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Not a whole lotta free time these days to just sit and write, and honestly, I’ve felt lately like I don’t have much of anything to say that would be interesting or thought provoking. I sit down to try to write a blog post, you know, one with more than just gobs of pictures of…

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a well loved dress: part II

Remember that “well loved dress” made by my mom when I was little? A few weeks ago Lael wore the larger matching one that was mine and Ruthie wore Megan’s to church. Could never put a price on seeing my girls in them. Megan and Kelli Megan Lael and Ruthie Be still, my heart.

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until next year

The sand in this summer’s hour glass has run out. Before it did though, we basked in it one last time… until next year. In one summer season I have seen my little girl’s love for the coast come alive, and she has grown more in a 3 month span than I thought was possible. Her independence grows daily. As does…

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a well loved dress

Last Sunday Ruthie wore one of the dresses that my mom made for my sister when she was a baby. She made a larger size for me which will fit Lael perfectly once I fix the hem. I can’t wait to put them in these dresses together! Here is a picture of Lael wearing it. Seems…

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i want to remember

I want to remember that sparkle in her eye. That thinking look that she gives me when we’re face to face. How she watches my every move as I go about the room. I want to remember the fluff of her hair. The soft wave that she gets from her daddy. The wispy hairs that…

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First things first. I am so incredibly happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Dooley family! Little Porter Reece came home last week to our dear friends and proud parents, Rod and Jewitte through the gift of adoption. He is such an incredible blessing, and it’s so neat that, unbeknownst to any…

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