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What Bra Should You Wear During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot physically and emotionally. It is a perfect option for people to understand the importance of different clothes and lingerie during pregnancy. One of the visible signs that your body goes through that is the fuller size of breasts. Additionally, it is not that simple as it seems to be as different cup sizes can be a thing of concern during pregnancy.

In addition, it becomes a pretty much-hassling task to get yourself a good pair of lingerie. We are here stating an optimal guide regarding the best underwear for pregnancy and bra that can work best for you. To gain additional information, continues reading the details stated below.

What Bra Should You Wear During Pregnancy

What should you wear a bra during pregnancy?

It is a considerable fact that you should be very much careful regarding the lingerie. It is better for you to approach for comfy and soft material bras. Several brands have been introduced in marketplaces that are especially working for maternity bras. These maternity bras are comfy, warm, and supportive for your breasts. Pregnant ladies have been observed that they feel uneasy due to oversize bras that are provided in larger cup sizes with a wider number of waist size. Pregnant women should be considering options of bras and underwear for pregnancy, as mentioned below:

Push up bras

The first one in the listing we have is push up bras that are the most convincing option for comfort and support. For those people who aren’t willing to go for ill-fitted bras and don’t wanna comprise for the comfort as well should surely go for the push-up bras. Instead of looking lousy with loosely fitted bras, you should be better approaching a supportive bra that can provide fine asymmetry to your breast and make you look more confident.


Another option for pregnant women who don’t want to settle for the boring bras can actually go for the bralettes. In addition, bralettes are the hottest trend of town that is a more fascinating and comfortable option for pregnant women to opt. These are made variably; you can choose to add pads to it for volume if desired; however, they can be used finely without them. In the pregnancy phase, it is hard to settle for something that fitted and cannot make space for expanding breasts. It is much helpful for people with bigger breasts and provides support as well.

Strapless bras

Another optimal alternate of strap bras is strapless bras that provide good support and body-hugging as well. During the pregnancy period, mood swings are a casual thing to go through; however, getting irritated due to bras should not be practiced at all. You can get yourself convenient strapless bras that are going to fit your breasts finely and fit amazingly due to the adjustable cup size of bra. It is an appropriate option for those who have sensitive skin and get straps to mark easily. This strapless bra can come in handy for you easily.

Tube bra

Last but not least, another wonderful choice for maternity bra is tube bra. A tube bra is a body-hugging bra that is helpful in correcting the asymmetry. Another leading option for using this bra is the comfort and support that is offered to the breasts. In addition, pregnant women can use this until the end phase of pregnancy, and it is a perfect option for support and wireless bra.

So these are some of the optimal options of bras that can be practiced to wear in the pregnancy phase.

What is an ideal maternity bra?

Well, talking about maternity bras, then it becomes a thoughtful concept to consider what the ideal maternity bra is? What are the traits that you should be looking into a bra for a pregnant bra?

  • When buying a maternity bra, then be considerate regarding the hook of the bra as it should fit the tightest. If you are concerned with the expansion of breast afterward, then not to worry as further, it makes room for it that is the specialty of maternity bras.
  • When going through the third trimester, then considering for underwire bra would also be a convenient choice for you.
  • It is convenient for pregnant women going through the last phase of pregnancy to get wireless bras for themselves. These bras allow easy movement of the baby in the womb and provide comfort to the mother as well as the baby.
  • Additionally, instead of wasting money over wired bras, you should be focused on getting those maternity bras that are optimal for support of back and are easy to wear.

So these are some of the essentials of maternity bras that must be considered before getting one for you. It is considered to compare different brands for getting the underwear for pregnancy or even complete lingerie that can provide you comfort during pregnancy.

Bonus tip

well, you have taken a convenient look for the details that can help you to get the perfect set of lingerie during pregnancy. We are here providing you with a bonus tip, that is, you should buy for the body-hugging clothes. Instead of approaching for strap bra, it is better for you to go for the strapless and tube bras and underwear that can provide optimal fitting and provide a comfy look. Additionally, go for a larger size than the casual one during pregnancy to avoid uneasiness due to clothes. These are two crucial components that must be determined during pregnancy.


Let us recapitulate the highlights of the details above that states which one is the best underwear for pregnancy and bra for maternity woman. It is an absolutely wonderful choice for women to choose comfort during pregnancy. Due to the increasing size of the breasts, it becomes very uneasy for women to go for the same lingerie before pregnancy. It is convenient for women to go for comfort for easiness of the child as well. We hope you find the details mentioned above informative and useful for getting the best comfy lingerie during pregnancy.

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ruthie girl’s second birthday

Ruthie’s second birthday “splash bash” was a blast! So many of her sweet little friends joined us for an afternoon of water fun in our driveway, and the weather could not have been more perfect. The party was complete with three pools, a sand table, water guns, water balloons, a sprinkler and bubbles! Oh, and WATER! Really, what else does a toddler need?!

I planned it for a Friday afternoon, which just so happened to be her actual birthday, and I’ve found that this is a great time to host a party. Moms and kiddos are usually looking for something to do after naps on a Friday before Dad gets home and a party with snacks and cupcakes is always a crowd favorite. 

ruthie girl's second birthday

This little girl has brought us so much joy.

ruthie girl's second birthday

ruthie girl's second birthday

The driveway was full of fun chaos everywhere you turned and I loved it!

ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday

Trey is such a good sport. 
He agreed to let the kids cover him in shaving cream..

ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday

and then use water guns to squirt it off of him!ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday

We were lucky enough to even have a few Daddies in attendance.ruthie girl's second birthday ruthie girl's second birthday

And Aunt Meg always lends a helping hand. I’m SO thankful for her.ruthie girl's second birthday

Aunt Jess and the boys were able to make the trip up. And we posed for pictures with our babies. 
And our Bjorns. 
Because it isn’t everyday that you get to wear your baby with your best friend.

ruthie girl's second birthday

TWO! It’s far from terrible. It’s TERRIFIC!!ruthie girl's second birthday

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These Are the Days

Oh, these days.  These ones that I’ve been pining for since January.  They are finally here again.

these are the days

The southern sunshine is like my therapy, 
and these wide open spaces make me breathe easier.
these are the days
these are the days
these are the days
these are the days
these are the days

And speaking of sunshine…

these are the days

this man is like a ray of it all on his own.

these are the days

It’s like he has gold growing out of his head. 😉

these are the days

these are the days

these are the days

these are the days

When this girl wasn’t busy sleeping her life away, she joined us.
And then she pooped.
these are the days
So she got to go skinny dipping in the sea.
Nothing wrong with a little salt water on the ol’ bum.
these are the days
these are the days
What’s a day on the beach without laying in the sand with your girlfriends?
these are the days
these are the days
And hello, Aunt Hottie.
Wouldn’t be the same without you here.
these are the days
these are the days
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a well loved dress: part II

Remember that “well loved dress” made by my mom when I was little?
A few weeks ago Lael wore the larger matching one that was mine and Ruthie wore Megan’s to church. Could never put a price on seeing my girls in them.
Megan and Kelli
a well loved dress part II
Megan Lael and Ruthie
Megan Lael and Ruthie
Be still, my heart.
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until next year

The sand in this summer’s hour glass has run out.
Before it did though, we basked in it one last time…
until next year.
In one summer season I have seen my little girl’s love for the coast come alive,
and she has grown more in a 3 month span than I thought was possible.
Her independence grows daily.
As does my urge to hold tighter.
Alas, I love to see it.
until next year
… to see the thrill in her eyes at the same thing over and over again.until next year
To watch her all encompassing joy over the splish splash of the sea.until next year
To watch her wonder over the small stuff.until next year
And to hear her breathe in the balmy air and exhale in laughter.until next year
The calm of this wave kissed shore welcomes her,

until next year

and she never tires of the simplicity of it.until next year
Oh Lord, that you would make me more like my daughteruntil next year
That I wouldn’t take your creation for granted.until next year
How God must smile at her love of it all!until next year
How He must desire for us all to run fearlessly down a beach and praise Him for His works!until next year until next year
Until next year, we’ll store up some of our kisses.

until next year until next year

When the sharpness of the winter cuts us, and we long for the sun’s love…until next year
… we’ll close our eyes and remember…

until next year

until next year.
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