growing things

March 3, 2011 Off By childiprayedc7ea35

Things are growing around here. My little girl, my belly, and some herbs. How’s that for a combination? It’s safe to say that life is in full bloom.

Reminds me of a maternity shirt my mom and I recently saw hanging in a storefront. It said, “Love in full bloom”. To which my sweet momma asked, “Can you imagine wearing that?”

Please take no offense if you own that shirt. I kind of think it’s cute. Be reminded of where she’s coming from. Back in the eighties I don’t think preggo graphic T’s stating that you were, in fact, in full bloom, were all the rage.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to plant some herbs this spring to have for the summer months. Top of the list was basil, cilantro, and mint.

I love fresh basil with pasta dishes.

What is guacamole without fresh cilantro?

And isn’t tea just so much nicer with a little sprig of mint?

I was happy to have my most prized little sprout help me plant our herbs in their pots.

Excited that I could encourage the desire she has to put everything in her mouth, I told her that she could eat the little mint leaf that she was picking.

Didn’t go over too well.

This weather… I wish I could just bottle it up, so I could bring it out when the winter’s cold seems so endless and the summer’s heat seems so exhausting.

But mostly, I wish I could bottle this up.

So I could drink it up anytime I wanted.

This little smile that is so refreshing to my spirit.

Indeed, love is in full bloom.