How Do I Choose a Breast Pump

How Do I Choose a Breast Pump

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A breast pump is a useful tool for women during breastfeeding. But not all mothers need a breast pump to pump breast milk. Many mothers still breastfeed their babies completely with no breast pump or other supportive tools. So should a breast pump be used, and under what circumstances?

Should the mother use a breast pump?

  • You do not have milk (because you do not have baby) but you want to adopt a baby. Or you lose milk / lose milk (because your baby is lazy to suck/stop feeding for a long time) so you wants to stimulate more milk to feed him.
  • When the baby refuses to breastfeed.
  • The mother gives birth to over 1 baby (twins or triplets) and is tired of direct breastfeeding.
  • When the mother needs to travel or prepare to go back to work, she must pump milk to stay at home.
  • Mom, too much milk. Here, only to reduce tension, not to exhaust because the more milk will be drained.How Do I Choose a Breast Pump

    Why buy a breast pump?

    As a powerful arm for mothers to pump their babies during the past years of life, the breast pump has many uses such as

    • Store up excess milk
    • Unclog milk rays
    • Prolonged breastfeeding process
    • Use the source of colostrum as an effective fish
    • Practice for babies with bottle-feeding

    Experience buying a quality breast pump, most suitableHow Do I Choose a Breast Pump

    Choosing the right breast pump will help the milking process of mothers become faster and more convenient. The quality machine will ensure safety for your baby’s health, no pain for mother, and no waste.

    Before choosing to buy them, consider the following factors and after the review is complete you can visit New Mom Plus to find yourself the best breast pump.

    What type of breast pump to buy?

    On the market are two popular types of breast pumps manual breast pump and electric breast pump. Each machine has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider choosing the right machine.

    Manual breast pump


    • Simple, easy to use: The machine has a fairly simple design, removable, and easy to help mothers use immediately. The lightweight machine also helps mothers can carry and use.
    • Easy to clean: The fully removable parts help mothers to clean faster, save more time.
    • High durability: The machine is made from prime quality and safe materials, using arm force to stimulate milk production so their durability is greatly appreciated.


    • The efficiency of the breast pump is not high: The efficiency of the machine depends on the force of the mother’s arm, so they do not appreciate it as an electric breast pump.
    • Sometimes it will make you exhausted when you have to use the squeeze force often, many moms will feel tired.

    Electric breast pump


    • Save time and effort: This machine has a fully automatic pumping mechanism, mothers just need to choose the milking mode then wait without effort.
    • For mothers comfortable feeling they equip the machine with massage mode and diverse suction mode to help mothers can choose the suction level. The suction is completely stimulated based on the baby’s suckling process, which will give mom the feeling of closeness, comfort without pain.
    • Help to bring about high efficiency in stimulating and pumping.


    • The price is unreasonable compared to the manual vacuum line.
    • Durability is inferior to manual vacuum.How Do I Choose a Breast Pump

      What kind of machine should I choose?

      If the mothers have abundant milk, strong milk rays, just use a milking machine by hand. If the mothers are too busy or often encounter the situation of blocked milk rays, less milk, lose milk, they should choose the best breast pumps for low milk supply line

      Choice of material selection

      The amount of milk drawn, usually, the mother will take advantage of a baby to use always. Therefore, the material of the machines will directly affect the health of the baby.

      Choose the milking machine made from high-quality plastic, does not contain toxic BPA, no smell. Also, moms should choose materials with good heat resistance (about 110 degrees Celsius) to make sterilization easier.

      Supported features

      Some high-end milking lines will be equipped with features such as LEDs, timer mode, memory mode … their price will be much higher than conventional models. Mothers can consider the actual needs, what features are necessary and suitable to choose the most appropriate device.

      What brand do I choose?

      Breast pump brands are very diverse, sometimes making it difficult for mothers to choose. However, each brand differs with price and quality as well.

      We highly appreciate some brands of breast pumps are highly today such as Medela, Spectra, Unimom, Philips AVENT … These are all reputable names, trusted and used by users around the world.


      Reputable brands will have a long warranty of about 12-24 months to help users get peace of mind.

      For the lower warranties, the mother should carefully consider before choosing.

      Do not buy old, buy a breast pump

      This product line is unique to each individual. Sometimes some parts of the machine cannot be completely sterilized. To ensure safety and hygiene for baby, to avoid cross-contamination of some diseases, mothers should not use second-hand machines.

      From the experience of buying a breast pump above, I hope you will soon find the most suitable product to use.