I’m Just Gonna Be Honest

June 26, 2010 Off By childiprayedc7ea35


I can almost hear the gasps coming through the world wide web!

And I can see you giving me the stink-eye through the computer screen.

Coupons stress me out. Period.

And I generally try to avoid things that stress me out.

It’s the latest craze, and if you coupon, I really do stand in awe of you. It takes a lot of hard work, research, dedication, and gumption to keep track of which stores are having sales, cut coupons, organize those coupons, remember to actually take those coupons with you to the store (my personal pit fall), and then remember to get them out of your purse (another pit fall).

But you probably have a notebook, box or special folder that you keep them in. 🙂 Am I right?

I saw a couple in Publix not too long ago shopping together. Grocery shopping is not something that Trey and I do together. And I’m okay with that. I’m in charge of food and always have been. I’m pretty sure the last time he went with me he strolled through the isles in a BlackBerrry daze. Emailing, texting, BlackBerry messaging, and possibly a little Pac-man. Bless his heart.

Back to the couponing couple. They were walking through each isle and stopping in almost every section of those isles to look through their clear, pocketed paged, uber-organized coupon notebook to see if they had a coupon for the particular item they were looking at.

Wow. Now that is some dedication to saving money.

Me, I would rather just pay the extra 50 cents.

I’m all about getting in and out of that store. You never know how long the baby girl is gonna last.

Plus, a lot of the coupons that I see are for stuff that I just don’t want! I have specific stuff that I want and I don’t veer away from it. I want Skippy Natural, so I don’t want the coupon for reduced fat JIF. And I don’t want to buy two whole jugs of laundry detergent so that I can get the third one 50% off.

I’m aware that many of you reading this love you some coupons. Heck, I love some coupons, too. Who doesn’t like free money? But I don’t like the work. Anyone wanna cut some out for me and send ’em my way? 🙂 Oh, and for stuff I want? K, thanks.

Now, if you’re thinking, “You don’t even use the 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons??!”

The answer to that is a resounding yes. I love those coupons. They are big and you can’t lose them. I keep them in my purse and always have one on hand when I visit that store.

And yes, I use the great 20% off ones that Babies R Us sends out in the mail. Any kind of coupon that is a percentage off the entire purchase–I can handle that.

No, I don’t “coupon”, but… (this is the part where I get to the point)

sometimes I find out about a really great deal on something and I jump on it like white on rice. A friend of mine told me about Target diapers, and I want to let you in on the little secret if you don’t already know.

They are great!!

Here’s the breakdown:

You can buy 96 Pampers Baby Dry diapers for $19.99

You can buy 84 Pampers Swaddlers for $19.99

You can buy 100 Huggies diapers for $19.79


You can buy 96 Target brand diapers (Up & Up) for 13.69!!

They are super soft and super absorbent! This is a significant savings that I can get excited about. And my friends, I’m excited.