the after party

December 3, 2010 Off By childiprayedc7ea35

Our time with the Ryan’s isn’t really complete without a photo shoot with Benson and Lael. It most always includes a lot of bribing. Benjamin bribed him with candy, but I totally trumped him when I told Benson that he could actually have one of the big red balloons. Hook, line and sinker. Done.

It’s really the sitting still and looking at the camera that takes bribing… clearly not the puckering up. I mean, he is a boy. It comes naturally. 🙂

This boy loves “The Bopper”. This is his current name for her. It started out as “Laelie Bop”, then “Laelie Bopper”, and now it’s “The Bopper”, or “Bopper” for short.

It just makes me smile every time he says it.

This would probably be the moment when I confirmed to him that, yes, indeed, he actually could take the balloon home.

I didn’t want to leave out this picture of me on my first birthday. I love the look of excitement of my momma’s face. 🙂

… and a picture of Lael just for comparison sake. Mini me?

I think yes.