until next year

until next year

September 26, 2011 Off By childiprayedc7ea35

The sand in this summer’s hour glass has run out.

Before it did though, we basked in it one last time…

until next year.

In one summer season I have seen my little girl’s love for the coast come alive,

and she has grown more in a 3 month span than I thought was possible.

Her independence grows daily.

As does my urge to hold tighter.

Alas, I love to see it.until next year … to see the thrill in her eyes at the same thing over and over until next year To watch her all encompassing joy over the splish splash of the sea.until next year To watch her wonder over the small stuff.until next year And to hear her breathe in the balmy air and exhale in laughter.until next year

The calm of this wave kissed shore welcomes her,until next year and she never tires of the simplicity of it.until next year Oh Lord, that you would make me more like my daughteruntil next year That I wouldn’t take your creation for granted.until next year How God must smile at her love of it all!until next year How He must desire for us all to run fearlessly down a beach and praise Him for His until next year until next year

Until next year, we’ll store up some of our kisses.until next year until next year

When the sharpness of the winter cuts us, and we long for the sun’s love…

… we’ll close our eyes and remember..until next year.until next year until next year